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¿Want to lead your telecare market?

Meet Smartcare by Sensovida

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  • Telecare company
  • Elderly services company
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How does it work

Our Bluetooth wristband (1) send Bluetooth signals to the Room sensors (2) every few seconds. Depending on signal type and strength our Artificial Intelligence assisted System will determine not only whether the user is in the kitchen or in the bedroom, but also whether the user is sleeping, resting, moving, away from home…

Connectivity:  We don’t need land line or Internet connection. All data is sent to our servers via 3G card and our telecare mobile device (3). Oh! And no; the user does not have to use this device, we know Elders and smartphones do not fit!…yet.

Mobility: Didn´t we mention it?  Since our telecare device is mobile it can work indoor and outdoor, triggering a hands free call with the push of a button and sending GPS location.

Award winning technology at your service

Instead of working years in a product before launching, we work our I+D  together with our (end users) sales and marketing.

This allows us to adapt to our customers needs right in time.

  • Problem: Users demand enhanced security for their independent living.

  • Solution: Smart risks detection based in Bluetooth sensors powered by Artificial Intelligence Alert system.

  • Problem: Relatives need information about their loved ones well being.

  • Solution: Real time information in their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Plug and play

Simple as that.

  1. Users (or their relatives) plug the room sensors in any available wall plug.
  2. Turn on the mobile telecare device.
  3. Go to sensovida.com/setup to activate service.

Real time monitoring

Mobile telecare service comes as standard, so is our beautifully designed wristband

Why Sensovida?

Most of so called advanced telecare solutions in the market are home domotic (PIR) systems adapted to telecare. 

Sensovida´s hardware and software has been specifically designed to help people to live independently.

Domotic based systems (PIR)

  • Requires a professional to install

  • Costly hardware

  • Batteries drain within months

  • Data transmission errors (PIR)


  • Auto-installable Kit with 2 minutes setup

  • Affordable price

  • No maintenance is required

  • Specific telecare designed = reliability

  • Mobile telecare comes as a standard

We adapt to your needs:

Private Label:

Software and hardware with your brand:

  • Web portal
  • APPs
  • Hardware and packaging


Stand out from other service providers offering our technology :

  • Marketing tools
  • Online training resources

You choose which model suits you best:

  • Use your own telecare call center
  • Use our own telecare call center (English / Spanish)
  • Use our own unique feature: a system where the family/caregivers are the ones who auto-manage emergency calls, alerts, cutting service costs!
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